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Writing a Good Data Mining Thesis

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Data Mining Thesis Should Address Various Aspects of the Data Mining Process

Data Mining ThesisWriting a Data Mining Thesis is a challenge. To write a proper thesis on the subject, one should understand what data mining is. It is not restricted to collection, extraction or processing of data. It is actually the identifying of various patterns in data. Though this is a relatively new subject, identifying patterns within a collection of data has been used by humans for centuries. Earliest scientific approaches to the subject are Baye’s Theorem and Regression Analysis in 18th and 19th centuries. During the past two decades, data storage, data, collection and data transmission facilities have developed so fast and become very cheap, making it possible to apply the techniques of data mining for various purposes. There are many aspects of data mining that have to be considered when writing a degree thesis on data mining.

What is Data Mining?

Raw data does not make any sense until that is organized in some way to show some pattern. With data mining techniques new information can be generated from data. What type of data is used for data mining? A vast amount of data is collected by the computers and computer networks in industry and business, For a supermarket chain point of sales data can be used to generate lot of information that maybe helpful in forecasting trends and correlating buying patterns. In healthcare, the data is collected at hospital admittance points. Though it was the practice to discard the raw data keeping the summaries, now these data have become a goldmine to be mined with data mining techniques. This has become possible with the newest algorithms, software and parallel processing.

Data Mining Thesis Topics

When required to write a Data Mining Thesis you have to select an interesting topic that deals with a specific area of the subject. Here are some thesis ideas you can consider for your thesis.

• Data mining applications in marketing: Here students can select one specific use e.g. market segmentation, customer behavior prediction, getting higher response rates in direct marketing, fraud detection, Buyer’s basket analysis and tend analysis.
• Data mining techniques used in scientific research like Weather Forecasting.
• Application of data mining in healthcare – for national health ministry usage as well as for trend analysis in deceases, for development of medications, capacity building in health care etc.
• Data mining used for prevention of Terrorism

Possible Dangers of Data Mining To Society

A serious student can read George Orwell’s famous novel 1984 and start doing research on the possible data mining applications that can snoop on people’s lives. Just imagine the amount of data collected and stored in computers about you in one day. To start with all your e-mails, every web page you visit, every chat you make etc. and every payment you make or receive via internet. Is that all? Your credit card transactions, your hotel bookings and registrations, flights you take, your visit to the doctor, or psychiatrist, all gets recorded in computers. These data need not be in one computer to be used for data mining and identify patterns that can tell all about you. Orwell’s 1984 ideas are no longer a fiction but reality today. Is the right of privacy challenged by data mining? This can be a very interesting argumentative thesis statement that you can write a controversial thesis on.

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