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Writing a Cancer Thesis

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Cancer Thesis can be Written In Relation to Different Fields, Not only in Medical Studies

Cancer Thesis When students are to write a cancer thesis there are many view points from which the thesis can be written. Obviously a medical student may write a cancer thesis after doing lot of research on prevention, incidence, and cures from a medical point of view. Some other students also can write their theses from other angles. As some cancers are considered as terminal illness there may be many problems like psychological, family relations, financial and social problems faced by the patient and patients immediate family. This may be another area for writing a good thesis from a sociological or psychological view point. There are many native cures in different countries that are alleged to cure various kinds of cancers. To investigate the success rate of these cures can be a topic for a student interested in alternative medicine.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease caused by the abnormal uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. The cancer cells, the cells that starts to grow without any control, have three properties that are called malignant properties. They are called uncontrolled growth, invasion and metastasis. There are more than three hundred various types of cancers listed by National Institute of cancer. Cancer is classified according to the part of the body where it starts.

• Breast cancer
• Lung cancer
• Leukemia (Cancer in the Blood)
• Colon Cancer
• Skin Cancer
• Brain Tumor
• Liver cancer

Though the cause of cancers is not fully understood scientists have identified many risk factors. The cancer research is mainly on how and why the cells start to grow uncontrollably and how to prevent it and how to stop the growth already started. There are many topics that can be found on any of the above. As the subject is very complex and the cause, prevention, incidence and the cures are not understood very well lot of research in this field is needed. A student who is to write a cancer thesis must set up a research survey to collect data on the topic he/she selects because it is very necessary to prove the thesis strongly.

Focus on a Cancer Topic

When writing a cancer thesis, thesis topic the first point to clear up is the viewpoint from which the thesis is to be written. After that the student must find a good subject area coming under the wide scope of cancer and connected subjects. When the topic is decided the student must narrow down that also, so that the focused point can be studied quite deep and accurately. Once you decide on the topic the thesis statement must be written. It has to be easier when the topic is narrower. After the thesis statement is written the research, surveys, methodologies for the analysis of data and the software has to be decided upon. A good thesis plan also will be very helpful to carry out the work and the tasks connected to the thesis writing. The plan must show the different tasks, starting and finishing dates, resources required etc. Once the plan is finalized student must strive to work according to the plan till the thesis is finished and submitted.

Some students may find it difficult to finish the cancer thesis on their own. They may need some help in doing the thesis. In a case like this it is wise to look for thesis help. He/she can always get the needed help from a professional thesis writing service.

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