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What is a Narrative Thesis?

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Narrative Thesis is an Implied Thesis for a Narrative Essay

Narrative Thesis A narrative thesis and a thesis statement are necessary when writing a narrative essay or any narrative academic paper. For a narrative thesis paper a thesis is only an implied thesis. A simple narration does not have an argument or anything to be proved. The thesis and the thesis statement help the writer to focus to write on the topic without drifting away from the main point of the narrative. In contrast to analytical thesis or an argumentative thesis, writing a narrative thesis paper requires more story telling skills than analytical skills.

How to write the Narrative Thesis and the Thesis Statement

Formulating a narrative thesis and writing a thesis statement is necessary when writing a narrative essay to make it different from a story. Narrative essay is not a narrative story. The story merely relates the event or an experience while the essay uses narration style to drive a point such as a lesson learned from the narrated story or the event. The thesis is the point the writer wants to emphasize in the essay. This can be the lesson learned or the key message to be given by the essay or the narrative thesis paper. After the student has decided the narrative and the main point then the thesis statement can be written to reflect the purpose of writing the narrative essay.

Format for Narrative Thesis Papers

General rules that apply to the formatting of academic writings have to be observed when writing the narrative essays and thesis papers. But the students need not be concerned about referencing and conventional structure of the essay or the thesis. Still, it is helpful to write a thesis outline in order to facilitate the writing of a narrative thesis in an organized, logical and coherent manner. In the introduction paragraph or the chapter the implied thesis or the message that is to be given can be stated. The conclusion is essentially a summing up of the narrative and synthesysing all the segments of the thesis.

Example for an implied Narrative Thesis

A narrative essay is personal by nature. A student decides to write a narrative essay on listening to a strange story from a stranger and acting on it, to warn the readers of the dangers in believing the strangers. The thesis is “It is dangerous to believe strangers without inquiring further”. But it is not absolutely necessary to write this sentence as a thesis statement. Writing the statement will take away the story like feeling that interests the reader. But the thesis shall be at the heart of the writer while writing the narrative so that the main point gets more importance. Then the narrative thesis is implied.

Getting Superior Grades for Narrative Essays

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