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How to Write Research Methodology

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Students Have to Learn How to Write Research Methodology for Their Theses

How to Write Research Methodology is one big problem faced by most students when they start writing their theses. Research methodology is the set methods principles and rules governing the full scope of the research. When starting a research project it is of paramount importance to define the methodology strategies and its parameters. The methodology guides all other work related to the research, like collection of data, analysis of data, reporting the findings and drawing conclusions. The reliability of findings and validity of the study depends upon how robust and rigorous the applied methodology is and hence, research methodology takes a prominent place in a research project.

Why is the Research Methodology Important?

Main reason for deciding on the research methodology is to map out the way to conduct research. Once the researcher has selected a research question to find an answer he/she should decide in what manner he/she must find the solutions and what devices and methods to be used. When writing a science thesis, the design of the experiments also makes a part of the methodology. The clearly ordered list explaining the way the researcher plans to use above collection of methods and tools is the research methodology for the research proposal. When reporting the findings the researcher can repeat writing the same using the methods and the resources actually used during the research. Other researchers can replicate the methodology and apply same data collection instruments and other methodology techniques to test the validity of the findings in a different sample population. Above all, the methodology is important to give uniformity and an acceptable level of reliability to the findings yielded through empirical research so that the soundness of body of scholarly knowledge is ensured.

The Research Methodologies differ on Type of Research

There are many types of research requiring different approaches to research and different methodologies to follow. Obviously, there cannot be one way of How to Write Research Methodology. Some of the types are scientific research, historical research, exploratory research, constructive research and action research. All the research work can be categorized into qualitative and quantitative research. Methodologies applied in these different types are different too. For instance, when writing an economics thesis the research type can be empirical, historical or exploratory. A psychology thesis may opt for an action research or experimental research design. Furthermore, the research questions and objectives also impact the type of research to be chosen.

What is the Format for Writing the Research Methodology?

Although there is no standard way of writing the research methodology, a well organized, logically ordered and easily understandable chapter on methodology makes the thesis a really outstanding work. For the benefit of those who wonder how to write research methodology, an example is given below. The methods used here are applicable to a research for an educational thesis. The methodology need not be described in detail, but has to be justified so as the results have a validity and credibility.
• The selection between qualitative and quantitative research has to be justified.
• If a survey of students in five high schools in an area is selected, the sample size and the selection of samples have to be justified. Selection methods also have to be stated.
• Arrangements for data collection have to be stated and justified. Interview questions or questionnaires have to be stated and justified.
• Methods and software for analyzing data have to be stated and justified.

Getting help to Write Research Methodology

The best way to get the guidance and help on this complicated phase of the research project is from the research supervisor. But there are many other students seeking the same advice and supervisors have to fill many other academic duties as professors and lecturers as well. The best way to get thesis help is from a thesis writing service that would help you not only to write the methodology but whole thesis. They can supply you with a custom thesis in which you also can get involved in writing and be in control.

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